About Us

Strong distribution network and sound financial standing.

    Our distribution business started with Enseval Megatrading (M) Sdn Bhd (now Enseval Sdn Bhd)- (“EMT”) – a subsidiary of PT Enseval Putera Megatrading of Kalbe Group Indonesia, one of the largest Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies in Indonesia which has four companies publicly listed on the Stock Exchange.

    Our company was established in 1994, to spearhead the marketing and distribution of Kalbe Group's products in Malaysia and the Asean Region. During the initial years, the company successfully launched several ranges of branded products and hence in time established a comprehensive marketing and distribution network.

    In 1998, with a restructuring of our Group, we streamlined our focus to pharmaceuticals, baby foods and other health related products. That same year, we took over the century old  brand- Woods' Peppermint Cough Syrup. In 1999, we took up the challenge to launch Milna Baby Rusks. Whilst initially we faced certain hurdles as Indonesian products were not well known, with vision and tenacity we managed to build a sizeable and impressive business volume. We again expanded our business line when the Woods' Lozenges range was launched in late 1999.

    Around the same time in 1999, Wings group has started their business in Malaysia and has appointed our Company to carry Daia Detergent range and GIV Beauty Soap and later, Mi Sedaap Instant Noodle. Within short span of time, with the consistent and aggressive marketing strategy being implemented, Daia and Mi Sedaap has been awarded as the fastest growing brand by one of the brand award agencies.

    With our strong distribution network and sound financial standing , we were appointed the distributor of Morinaga Infant Formula in 2002, a reputable Japanese brand.

    For strategic reasons, in 2006, PT Enseval Putera Megatrading divested their shares in EMT and hence EMT became a 100% local company. With yet another opportunity, EMT has become more aggressive in searching strategic alliances to further expand the distribution business in Malaysia. With this divestment, as part of the restructuring exercise, a new company- Oracle Zone Sdn Bhd (now OZ Marketing Sdn Bhd) was set-up in November 2006 to take over the operation from EMT.


    In 2007 after our restructuring, OZM was appointed the distributor for Duopharma (M) Sdn Bhd. Further in 2009, with our good service record, we are awarded with  distributorship of CCM Pharmaceutical OTC range, which has positively strengthen our distribution network.

    Today, OZ Marketing Sdn Bhd is distributing a wide range of products, including Sundries Household Detergent, Instand Noodle, Infant Milk Formula and OTC Health Supplements. Some of the reputable brands being distributed are Daia Detergent and Boom Detergent, Mi Sedaap Instant Noodles, Morinaga Milk Formula, Eye Glo, Uphamol, Champs, Flavettes, Naturalle, Flexi Patch Foot Patch, Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil, Vfresh Aromatherapy Rollon.

  • 公司背景

    本公司的分销业务,一开始就由恩思华私人有限公司(简称“恩思华”)开发业务。 恩思华是印尼Kalbe集团旗下- PT Enseval Putera Megatrading的子公司。Kalbe集团旗下拥有4间在证券交易所上市的制药及保健公司。

    成立於1994年的恩思华,首要的任务即在马来西亚及东南亚地区全力推广及分销Kalbe 集团旗下的产品,并在创业初期成功推介多种系列品牌的产品, 更借此机会建立完善的市场策略及分销网络系统。

    在1998年,该集团重新调整后,恩思华开始专注於推销制药品、婴儿食品及相关保健产品,并在同年接管拥有上百年的老字号品牌 – Wood’s PeppermintCough Syrup 活士薄荷咳嗽露。

    一年后,恩思华不惧挑战,首创先河,选择分销Milna Baby Rusks- 婴儿饼干。虽然当时印尼的品牌在我国还很陌生并不被看好,但凭著高度洞察力及不屈不挠的精神, 恩思华成功打拼出卓越的成就,创下出乎预料的交易量,并在同年推出Wood’s Lozenges活士薄荷糖产品系列,进一步扩大其业务量。

    在1999年同期,Wings集团在马来西亚开发业务并委任恩思华代理其产品包括Daia粉末洗涤剂,GIV肥皂和Mi Sedaap快熟面。在短期内,由于他们连贯和积极的营销策略,在2002年,Daia和Mi Sedaap荣获增长最快的品牌。

    凭著雄厚的分销网络基础及巩固的财务质量,日本著名品牌 Morinaga Infant Formula 森永婴儿奶粉在2002年委任恩思华,成为新的分销伙伴。

    在2006年,由於新策略需要,PTEnseval Putera Megatrading脱售恩思华全部股份,促使恩思华成为百分百本地企业。

    籍著此黄金机会,恩思华雄心勃勃寻求更多合适的策略伙伴,以扩充在马来西亚的分销企业。集团重组后,好利行私人有限公司-OZ Marketing Sdn Bhd於2006年11月正式成立,宣布从恩思华接过行政管理权。


    目前,好利行私人有限公司旗下的业务伸展至洗涤剂,快熟面,婴儿奶粉,柜台售货品及保健食品等用品。目前好利行私人有限公司正代理及负责推销我国多种著名品牌,包括 Daia洗涤剂, Boom洗涤剂、Mi Sedaap快熟面, Morinaga婴儿奶粉,EyeGlo眼滴露, Uphamol止痛药, Champs小孩维他命, Flavettes维他命, Naturalle维他命, Bosisto白树油,Vfresh精油。